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Mike is one of the Most Experienced Licensed Professional Arizona Fishing Guides in the state on Lake Pleasant.  "Mike  Truly Is “ The Fish Whisperer” And He’s Worth Every Penny. He really knows the lake and the fish." Chris P. His Tournament Rigged Ranger Bass Boat Is Equipped With Advanced Gen 3 Lowrance Electronics And State Of The Art Minn Kota Terrova Trolling Motor With I Pilot. This coupled with Mike’s experience and knowledge makes locating the fish easy. Mike is also an


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Lake Pleasant Interview 

            Live On Channel 3

Fishing is one of April Warnecke's from Channel 3's favorite things to do. Not only did she learn fishing 101 from AZ Great Adventure Fishing's, Mike Strole, “ The Fish Whisperer”, but she also found out what's biting at the Lake Pleasant.

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                      Nice Catch April

Live video shoot for Channel 3 TV at Scorpion Bay. "Fishing with the Family at Lake Pleasant.” Featuring Licensed Professional Arizona Fishing Guide and Expert Instructor, Mike Strole, “The Fish Whisperer”.     

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United States Navy Veteran 

 At AZ Great  Adventure Fishing, all you need is your fishing license and a smile and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mike Provides Professionally Guided, Custom Fishing Trips, And Expert Fishing Instruction. He Uses Quality Fishing Equipment, Provides Food And Beverages, And Takes Digital Pictures And Sends Them To You. His Goal Is To Help You Enjoy Your Time On The Water, Put Fish In The Boat, A Smile On Your Face, And Make A Memory That Will Last You A Lifetime.         

        Lake Pleasant

Jamie Briar and her husband

Mike, Really is "The Fish Whisperer"

Tim Mills Pictures & Comments

What an amazing fishing adventure.  This has been my third or fourth time out with you on an excursion.  Every time, I say, "that was the best trip so far".  Well...this was truly the best! Watching my nephew and his son smiling as they reeled in fish after fish was truly worth seeing.

Your promptness, (all we had to do was walk from the car and step into the boat), Preparedness (including amount of time actually fishing on the lake) and Organization (keeping our hooks baited while fishing) made the trip superb.  You have an incredible knowledge of the fish, the profile of the lake, and the water/weather conditions.  We were fishing and catching for nearly five hours with very little down time and brought in 68 striped bass. After 4 1/2 hours, of constantly catching fish, we were completely worn out.  I am convinced that had we stayed another couple of hours our catch could have easily gone over 100.

I believe "The Fish Whisperer" title could also include: "The Smile Maker".

Recommendations for anyone looking to "catch" fish...Mike Strole is the person to contact, period!!! 

Five out of five stars:       



The Gardner’s Pictures & Comments

    "This Is What You Call A GREAT DAY 

                           OF FISHING!” 

Lou Silverman’s Picture and Comments

Mike, I wanted to thank you again for a great day on the lake. The quality of the fishing and your great company exceeded our expectations.  If I had launched a boat on my own and tried to go find fish, I might’ve lucked out and caught one! Your use and knowledge of electronics is astonishing, and your knowledge of techniques to catch the fish at Different depths is also impressive. I would recommend you to anybody and I am looking forward to going out with you again. Thanks again. Lou Silverman

Chuck Layman Pictures and Comments

 I booked a fishing trip with Mike and would like to say that he truly is the "The Fish Whisperer! Mike is and was one of the most if not the most thorough and experienced guides that I have ever used in my 20 years of guided fishing tripsHe explained where, why, and how we would be fishing. He even rescheduled our trip because the weather conditions were not favorable. Which in my experience, no guide I had had ever rescheduled because the weather conditions weren’t good. When we were on the lake we caught fish, Quality Fish, as these pictures will attest. I have been what I consider an avid fisherman for over 50 years, but after spending one day with Mike I realized he had forgotten more about fishing than I have ever known! The rods and reels were absolutely state of the art and cost more than my first car. Everything was first class, right down to the lunches. I have said all that to say this. If you are ever in Arizona and want to catch fish with a Real Pro call Mike!!!!  Chuck Layman

   Jim Tewalt Picture and Comments

I wanted to take Bret, my son fishing: make it special, be his hero. After some instruction in how to rig our poles, bait and set the hook, adjust the drag and play the fish, Mike got us on the water about 9:30 am. Within minutes he found the fish and despite the wind, he kept us hovering over the school. Bret caught the first 2, then I caught one and it was fish for fish for the rest of the day. Often, we had two fish on at a time. Although there were 4 other boats within 50 feet, one guided by another fishing pro, we caught fish while they just sat there fishing waiting for a bite. Now, I know why they call him “The Fish Whisperer.” Mike gives the glory to God, but his knowledge and experience make it easy for God to use him. Bret’s smile as we held up the stringers of fish for pictures is priceless. We caught 26 striped bass, some as large as 3 or 4 pounds. We have fished Lake Pleasant since 1986, but never with such great success! Most fishing pros will help you catch fish. Mike is all that and more; he teaches you how to fish. We posted our pictures on Face Book and are still drawing “Wow!” and “Awesome!” responses! Mike, I thank you buddy! Bret’s head is still “in the clouds” and is looking forward to teaching his sons what he learned from you.

   Chris Portillo’s Pictures & Comments

I recommend Mike Strole aka “ The Fish Whisperer" Worth every penny. He really knows the lake and the fish. 

    Cooper & Son's Picture & Comment

Check out Cooper on his 96th Birthday. He and his son caught 41 Striper in under the lights!!


          Happy Birthday Coop!!


 I wanted to tell you what a wonderful trip we had fishing with you.  You got us to where the fish were, 

and we caught them. I got on the AZ Fish and Game Journal and you had written a really nice little 

article about our trip. So, thanks for everything and hope everything goes well for you this coming season.

Rufus Cooper, and Son Carl.

            Check Out These Big Smiles            

         From Our Happy Clients

     Larry Hofmann Picture & Comment

Mike, the enclosed photo is part of the catch enjoyed earlier this week.  Thanks again for the tricks, tips and techniques I learned from fishing with you and for the updates on your web page. I will think of you at the fish fry!  Appreciate y’all  

   John Betof Pictures and Comments

I became friends and fished with Mike Strole over 25 years ago. I don’t know anyone who has as much passion and knowledge about fishing as Mike. I always seem to learn something new about catching fish each and time I have gone out with Mike. Every time I’ve fished with Mike we have a great adventure fishing together. Mike lives and breathes fishing, and seems to know just where the fish are at, and what lure or bait to use to catch them. I’ve often said to Mike I think he has the ability to communicate with the fish. I’ve nicknamed him the “Fish Whisperer” because he has the uncanny ability to know just where the fish are at, and the fish seem to be drawn to his boat. He is an expert instructor and he even takes pictures and sends them to you. When you book a trip with Mike you can be certain that you’ve chosen one of the Best Fishing Professionals in Arizona, and you’ll have a day of fishing that will be both memorable and rewarding.       

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