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 This Week’s Fishing Report   

October 11th 


 The Surface Water Temperatures Have Dropped Into The Low 70’s. This will Effect Stripers Short Term. As A Result Of The Cool Down You Will Have To Adjust Your Approach Based On Their Location In The Water Column. As The Fish Continue to Adjust To The Sudden Changes Resulting From The Last Series Of Storms (Higher Water Levels) (Cooler Water Temperatures) (Stained Water) (Additional Nutrients).  Fish Are Currently Being Caught On A Varietry Of Baits Including But Not Limited To, Top Water Baits, Carolina Rigs, Crank Baits, Swimbaits, Spoons, Carolina Rigs, A Rigs And Modified Drop Shot Rigs. The Cooler Water Will Impact The Frequency Of Boils. These Boils Should Increase In Frequency And Duration As The Surface Water Temperatures Stabilize In 70 Degree Range. Once The Fish Are Located, Select The Bait That You Feel Confident Fishing At That Depth.

See Detailed Fishing Report Below!

From Licensed Professional Arizona Fishing Guide, Expert Fishing Instructor and 

Member of Duckett Fishing's Pro Staff

Mike Strole

"The Fish Whisperer” 

Detailed Fishing Report

Lake Pleasant

The Lake is currently 65% of capacity and is continuing to rise as the CAP is pumping water into the lake. The Surface Water Temperature is in the low to high 70 degree range and will continue to decrease. Day time high tempertures will be in the 80 To 90 degree range next week. The morning low temperatures dipping down into the high 50’s. As the water temperatures approach the low 70’s the top water bite should improve. You will need to locate the Stripers as they move to adjust to the changing water conditions as they relate to water temperature, current and water color. So, be flexible and adjust your bait selections and presentations to match the changes that are occuring on the lake. Fishing early morning, late afternoon, and or under the lights at night during the new moon phase can produce better numbers and size. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you get out on the lake and be aware that sudden and dramatic weather changes are possible as this front through our state over the next few days.

      It takes quality state of the art electronics, a knowledge of the lake, and the skill and experience to locate the fish, make the right bait selection and presentation, a detailed knowledge of fish behaviors their seasonal habitat, and feeding patterns to catch nice fish like these.

  Check out the fishing tips listed below in the Largemouth section at the bottom of this report. 

      Striper Fishing Report

   The Water Levels Will Continue To Rise And As The Water Temperatures Approach The Low 70’s, The Fish Will Begin Feeding Up In Preparation In Expectation Of The Winter Cooldown. You Will Need To Be Flexible And Adjust Your Bait Selections To Reflect The Changes That Are Occurring To The Water Level,  Surface Water Temperature And Color In The Water Column. Also, Be Aware Of The Changes On The Thermocline. You Should Consider These Conditions When You Select Your Baits And The Presentations Used. The Color, Size, The Depth, And Action of The Baits You Select Must Be Taken Into Consideration If You Are Going To Be Successful In Catching Fish. Baits To Consider Would Include Top Water, Alabama Rigs, Chatterbaits, Cranks, Spinnerbaits, Spoons, Swimbaits, Carolina Rigs Just To Name A Few. The Frequency Of Boils Will Increase As The Surface Water Continues To Cool Down. As We Approach The Winter Months. In Many Cases The Largemouth Are And Will Be Feeding Just Under The Schools Of Feeding Stripers. (These boils should increase in frequency as surface water temperatures begin to drop into the low 70 degree range and water condtions stabilize)

Remember To Check The Weather Reports Before Getting Out On The Lake And Be Aware That There May Be Sudden Changes In WEATHER CONDITIONS And Plan Your Trips Accordingly.

Night Fishing (Under The Lights} Can Also Produce Large Numbers of Fish Under The Right Conditions During the Fall Months.


Bait Fishing Using Live Shad Or Cut Anchovies, Fished On A Modified Drop Shot Rig In The 30 To 60 foot depths can produce fish. Trolling Carolina Rigs with suspending jerk baits on lead line with 16 lb fluorocarbon leader can and have put fish in the boat this morning. To be successful on fish located from the 10 to 30 feet in the water column. Casting or trolling A Rigs especially in the same depth ranges and in the backs, mouths of coves, and along transitions in the Northern Coves and in the river will also put fish (like the ones shown above) in the boat. 

Here Are Just A Few Pictures Of Some Of Our Happy Customers. As You Can See, They Are Not Only Holding Some Nice Fish They are Also Wearing Some Pretty Big Smiles.

Vertical jigging 1 Ounce Trend Setter Jigging Spoons In Yellow And White Have Also Proven To Be Successful During Mid Day, And Even Into The Late Afternoon In  Depths From 30 to 60ft. The Pictures Below Give You Some Idea Of Our Success Using These Techniques!

Bass Fishing Report For Lake Pleasant

You Can Catch Nice Largemouth Like The Ones Shown Below By Casting Paddle Tail Swimbaits, Chatterbaits, Suspending Jerkbaits. Drop Shot Riggs Using Robo Worms. Senkos Fished Wacky Style, Spinnerbaits, Buz Baits, Top Water Baits And Texas Rigged Plastics Will Also Produce Quality Fish. You will find Bass on under water humps. ledges, secondary points, or transitions in the shallows to the 30+ foot depth. There Have Been Occassional Boils So Be Prepared. The boils can will increase in frequency as the water temperatures approach 70. The Bass can also be found cruzing the shallows early in the morning. Be Aware Of The Increasing Possibilty of EARLY MORNING Top Water Bites. I Would Recommend Buzz Baits With White Frogs In Clear Water Along With Any Other Of Your Favorite Top Water Baits.


Check out  my you tube videos at Mike Strole on You Tube for tips on drop shot, swim bait rigs, and my favorite spoons.